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Hello My name is Sara, I am so glad you could stop by for a visit, I love having company. I am just hanging out listening to music. I enjoying learning anything new and reading, when I want to. I think my favorite is math. I am in the Second Grade and like my teacher her name is Mrs. Creekbaum. I am in Brownies and like that too. Well I guess mom will tell you more about me.

Sara was born on February 24, 1997 and 2:26 P.M. and like her sister, she is truly an angel. Sara has been such a treat in our life, a gift from the heavens. Sara came along after two miscarriages and a lot of heart ache. She entered our lives and renewed our belief in good things as her older sister became seriously ill a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant. Sara has always had good timing. Sara was very eager to get into the world and was induced a week early. After only two hours of labor we were sent to the OR for a cesarean section. She was desperate to make an appearance but the stage door was not big enough. Sara was an outstanding baby and never fussed. She was always alert and interested in everything around her. She learned new tasks very quickly and grew up much to fast.

Sara sprouted her independence wings early with a new baby brother entering the household when she was 13 months old. Sara started doing just about everything early, walking, talking you name it she could do it. She talked in complete sentences by the time she was 18 months old and was potty trained at 14 months old. The potty training was not my idea but Sara's. She has always had a mind of her own and had to do everything her older sister did. I think she is twice as determined as her older sister or anyone else in the family. Once she made up her mind she also taught herself to tie her shoes, snap her fingers, blow bubbles with gum, math, read, spell and anything else she wants.

Sara never stops amazing me, she always says something so off the wall or will create her own song to sing. She is very creative and I do believe she will be the artist in the family maybe even an actress. Sara, in the right mood takes center stage, she tends to be a quiet girl but can make her presence known when she wants to. My big girl Sara, I miss my baby girl but am so proud of her and love her so much.

Sara is doing well in school and enjoys a challenge. She reads well but fights me recently on readng books at her level. She does math in a blink of an eye and really enjoys it. She is a perfectionist and does not like when she makes mistakes. I tell her this is alright because this is how we learn but she is hard on herself. But when Sara is set on doing something, well it will get done and done right.

Sara enjoys being with her friends and being silly. Her Best Friends is Sarah as many playdates as the can talk us into. She is very social at school and has made several friends. Sara has gone from the pretty pink princess stage to the black misunderstund teenager. She only wants to wear black and green, a far cry from glitter and dresses. At least she will still do her hair. I hate to admit it but Sara can do her own hair much better than I can. Sara is very talented in many ways just like her father and very uptight just like her old mom. She has a good heart and a wild spirit.

S really is for Sara, she is sweet, sensitive and smart, the best parts of her mommy and daddy put together. She is also shy as well as sneaky. She is in 2nd Grade and loves her new teacher Mrs. Creekbaum.  School is Sara's favorite place to be. She is making friends and having fun. Sara will be the artist of the family, she loves to paint and draw pictures. She loves to learn new things, read, write stories, solve a problem or play a new game. She loves to sing and give big hugs and kisses and that is my sweet Sara.

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